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Server Virtualisation

Streamlining your computer network to work quickly and efficiently.

Server virtualisation allows multiple instances of Windows (or Linux) to run on a single physical server. Each installation is unaware that the others exist and so they effectively operate as separate machines. The fantastic advantage here for your business is that if a problem does happen to arise then it will only affect one ‘virtual machine’, which can then be restarted remotely by our support team with the most minimum of disruption to your workforce.

Virtual machines are also a great option for larger companies since they are hardware independent. This means that if your business has several servers (and lots of virtual machines) then there is the flexibility to move them about for such purposes as load balancing or to recover from hardware failures.

We believe that minimising the chances of downtime in your workforce is the way forward and our team is here to provide the tools and guidance to safe proof your business’s productivity.

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