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Database Hosting

Whatever records you would like to keep, we can help you organise useful information into an easy to manage, accessible resource.

An online database can be a valuable tool for your business, for example it can help you:

  • Collect information about potential or actual clients
  • Provide clients with information
  • Give your staff access to information on the move (via PDAs, laptops, etc.)

We can provide you with access to a database engine of your choice (MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server), to which you can attach any front end (the part that you see and interact with) that you please. This could be used as part of your website, internet, extranet or even to run in-house systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) packages.

An online database is a cost-effective and efficient way to connect your information systems to the people who need it. We can advise you on how an online database could assist you in running your business and build a suitable system to your specific requirements.

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