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Remote desktop server

Giving your staff the flexibility to access their desktop anytime and anywhere.

Windows Remote Desktop Server provides a single physical box (a server) that multiple users can log in to, each receiving their own virtual desktop. This means that the workstation they are sitting at is only acting as a keyboard, mouse and monitor. All the major work is being done by the server at the other end.

Working like this has massive advantages for your staff. For instance:

  • Users can access their virtual desktop from anywhere (perfect for those who travel or split their work time between office and home).
  • Access to network files is comparatively fast, even if working on the other side of the world.
  • Applications such as Outlook, Word, databases, etc. need only be installed once (subject to licensing).
  • PCs accessing the Remote Desktop Server need only be of minimal specification.

All this gives your staff the opportunity to work flexibly and efficiently with the convenience of not being tied to one desk, plus it reduces unnecessary expenditure on additional workstations.

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