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Physical & Virtual Server Hosting

The benefits of colocation in providing the optimum environment for your server infrastructure.

Many businesses are finding that the best place for one or more of their servers is directly connected to the internet, with the physical server being housed in a secure, air-conditioned environment and closely monitored for health and efficiency. The usual term for this is colocation. This can have many advantages for your business, including a considerable increase in speed, a substantial reduction in upfront costs and the freedom to expand in the future if needed.

We can provide your business with a wide variety of hosted server solutions in one of five UK or internationally based data centre locations from as little as £30 plus VAT per month. These fall into six basic categories, however we do also provide a fully bespoke service.

  • Virtual server (Windows or Linux) – unmanaged
  • Virtual server (Windows) – managed
  • Dedicated physical server (Windows or Linux) – unmanaged
  • Dedicated physical server (Windows) – managed
  • Single application server (web, database, bespoke) – unmanaged
  • Single application server (web, database, bespoke) – managed

With so many options available to you, we understand that the decisions surrounding server hosting might become overwhelming. We are here to take the stress and uncertainty out of the decision making process, advising you upon the best solutions for your business in the present and helping you to plan for the future.

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