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Anti-Spam and Virus Filtering

Spam and viruses are rampant and the bane of anyone’s life. We can help protect your business from harmful email content and time-wasting distractions.

Unfortunately, when the protocols for delivery of email were initially designed all those years ago the possibility of it being abused was not taken into account. To make matters worse, the rapid adoption of email meant it was too late to change them.

Businesses need a solution to this now more than ever. We spent 6 months researching and designing an anti-spam system that:

  • Blocks the vast majority of SPAM (approximately 97%)
  • Requires almost no effort on the part of recipients or system administrators
  • Blocks very little genuine email
  • Improves the redundancy of your email system

We offer this solution at a very reasonable monthly cost and it could be protecting you from junk mail within only a few hours, leaving you free to concentrate on the important emails that actually matter.

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