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Wired and Wireless Data

Cabling solutions designed to connect your network servers, workstations, telephones and peripheral devices, tailored for the unique requirements of your business.

We can design cabling plans to suit your business’s IT requirements, with careful consideration taken as to the needs of the building(s) involved. Whether it be Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 or the far-reaching potential of fibre-optic, we only source and use cable manufactured to the highest standards.

Once the cabling is installed we conduct thorough testing, make sure it’s properly labelled and show you how to use it for connecting everything from file servers to door phones. We also supply properly designed wireless networks with good quality, secure and convenient access points. Sometimes wireless can go where copper and even fibre cable just won’t ever be able to, so for many businesses this can be an ideal solution.

Whether you are looking for a basic access point for a couple of laptops of a fully-fledged, multi-cellular system covering several interconnected buildings, we can design, implement and maintain it.

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