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Independent IT Audit and Review

Leave out the guesswork and let us evaluate exactly how well your IT infrastructure is working for your business.

An IT audit is an extremely worthwhile but potentially daunting task and we are here to smoothly carry out this process for you. There are many reasons you might want a qualified and independent audit and review of your business’s IT, or that of your potential acquisition if you are thinking of buying a business or merging with one.

  • Cost reduction
  • Software licensing compliance
  • Future proofing
  • Growth management
  • Data security
  • Reliability issues
  • Integration issues
  • Getting the best out of what you already have

As a business grows, the IT system often evolves from a very small base and gradually increases in complexity and associated expense. Plus as certain thresholds are crossed there is increased pressure from software solution developers (Microsoft, for example) to carry out procedures in a certain way.

If your business has reached this point, or if you are becoming involved with another company’s IT infrastructure, we can assist you with our independent, qualified and experienced opinion.

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